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PhD student
New therapeutic approaches of the myelinisation

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Elena Chierto, a PhD student at the Paris Descartes University, studies the pathophysiological mechanisms which underlie myelin loss after a traumatic brain injury. The aim of her project “Development of an innovative model of traumatic brain injury: pathophysiological mechanisms and therapeutic applications” is to characterize, in vitro and ex vivo, myelin loss and oligodendrocyte response following a mechanical stress induced by stretching.

I completed my Bachelor’s degree and my Master’s degree in cellular and molecular biology at the University of Turin, Italy, and during this period I studied the effects of platelet rich plasma on the muscle healing process. Then, I completed an internship, as part of the European project Unipharma graduates 8, at the University Paris Descartes, which allowed me to develop an interest in the field of traumatic brain injury. This experience prompted me to continue my studies toward a Ph.D. degree in this field.

Currently, I’m pursuing my Ph.D. research at the University Paris Descartes, under the direction of Prof. Mehrnaz Jafarian-Tehrani, in the team of Prof. Charbel Massaad. I’m interested in the study of traumatic brain injury and the focus of my project is the study of the pathophysiological mechanisms which underlie myelin loss after a trauma. We have developed an innovative model of traumatic injury induced by stretching (1) oligodendrocytes (cells synthesizing myelin), and (2) organotypic cerebellar slices. The latter model was developed through an international collaboration with the team of Prof. Morrison (Columbia University, Department of Biomedical Engineering, NY, USA). I would like to continue my studies in this area and I hope to find a therapeutic strategy that will be of clinical relevance in the very near future.

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