Post-doctoral position

Obesity Research Laboratory, Institute of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases (Inserm & Toulouse Paul Sabatier University), Toulouse, France.

The position is open from January 2017 for 1 year.

The scientific program of the post-doctoral fellow aims at analyzing data collected during a clinical protocol, notably gene profiling (microarrays, high throughput RT-qPCR), lipidomics and bio-clinical data from plasma and tissues.

It is part of the Obesity Research Laboratory topics, especially those relevant to nutrition and metabolic health.

We seek a highly motivated scientist with strong background nutrigenomics and knowledge in biostatistics and cell biology. Excellent communication, collaborative and organizational skills are expected. The applicant will be required to provide regular oral and written reports.

The applicant must hold a PhD degree with less than 3 years of experience as post-doctoral fellow. Restrictions may apply to candidates who previously held positions in French institutions.

To apply : please send (before 20th of October) summary of past and current work (no more than one page each), list of publications and CV with names and coordinates of 2 references to: nathalie.viguerie@

Obesity Research Laboratory

The Obesity Research Laboratory ( works on the consequences of the excess of fat mass observed in obesity and aims at understanding the biological determinants and molecular mechanisms of obesity-related metabolic complications with a special emphasis on type 2 diabetes. The laboratory is composed of 23 scientists with backgrounds in cell biology, genomics, animal physiology, medicine, pharmacy and veterinary medicine. Using bedside-to-bench approaches, the main goal is to decipher the cellular and molecular mechanisms associating fatty acid and glucose metabolism at tissue and whole body levels and to evaluate the therapeutic potential of drugs acting on these pathways.

Institute of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases (I2MC)

I2MC is one of the largest Research Centre in metabolic and cardiovascular diseases in Europe with 15 laboratories and a work force of about 300. Basic scientists and clinicians are working on metabolic risk factors (obesity, diabetes and dyslipidemia) and cardiovascular complications (thrombosis, atherosclerosis, cardiac and renal failure). I2MC combines expertise in cell biology, mouse models and clinical work supported by core facilities in lipidomics, genomics, proteomics, animal phenotyping and cell imaging.


Toulouse is located in Southwestern France close to the Pyrenees Mountains and Spain with flight and train connections to French and European cities. With more than 100,000 students and praised quality of life, it is ranked as the best place to live and study in France.

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