AhR Meeting 218

Organized by UMRS1124

The AHR 2018 Symposium, which is being held for the first time in Paris, will bring together world-renowned scientists in an integrated program to share / discuss the latest knowledge on the role of the aromatic hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) in a wide range of fields. AhR, recognized as a transcription factor activated by many pollutants, responsible for the induction of xenobiotic metabolism enzymes, detects many anthropogenic ligands for some carcinogens or endocrine disrupters. More recently, other functions of this fascinating protein have been described (immune responses, hormonal signaling, cell cycle progression, oxidative stress, inflammation, differentiation, development, apoptosis) as well as new ligands (including endogenous ones) That some of the toxic effects described for environmental molecules could result from endogenous perturbation.

At the Imagine Institute, 24 Boulevard de Montparnasse – 75015 Paris

Registration mandatory