Welcome to the inserm unit 1124 web pages. We are pleased to share with you our main research and educational activities, scientific output, news and opinions. Unit 1124 is

Directeur unité UMRS-S 1124

Robert BAROUKI, Director’s Unit

located at Université Paris Descartes, one of the premier universities in biomedical research. It is also part of the Inserm (the national institute of health and medical research) which supports hundreds of prestigious laboratories involved in biomedical research nationwide.

Unit 1124 is constituted of 10 teams and has a general focus on pharmacological and toxicological research with a strong emphasis on cellular signaling. In many respects, it functions as a scientific department of the Inserm and the University. Many of our PIs are teachers and we do highlight the strong interaction between research and education. As will be seen later several research activities of the unit have an impact on public health and many of us are keen to interact with the general public and public authorities.

UMRS 1124 presentation

Our research activities are diverse and address critical issues such as the effect of environmental pollutants on health and the adaptive mechanisms triggered by those chemicals (team 1, 4 and 8), the mechanisms of addiction to drugs (team 10), the mechanisms of infection by the prion protein (teams 5 and 6), the mechanisms of viral infection (team 7), the role of stem cells in various organs and conditions, (teams 5, 6) and the mechanisms of frequent or rare diseases including joints, neurological, muscular and metabolic diseases (teams 2, 3, 8 and 9). In all cases, there is a strong focus on identifying novel drug targets and putative therapeutic approaches. Several teams have strong interactions with drug companies and this is part of the valorization of our research. As mentioned earlier, we are also happy to highlight the public health relevance of our activities and we feel that it is our mission and privilege to inform the public through different media.

Of course our first objective is to produce high quality science. The unit is constituted of research scientists, professors and teachers and health professionals as well as engineers, technicians, post-docs and students. Our work is multidisciplinary in essence and includes activities ranging from structural, molecular, cellular, physiopathological and clinical studies. We have strong interactions with several prestigious hospitals in Paris.

We are part of a local interdisciplinary research federation (CICB-Paris) which includes a large chemistry unit and units involved in biological and clinical oncology and we have several ongoing collaborations with those units. We also interact with several neuroscience units that are located in the same faculty. Among our educational activities, we run international master programs, a chance to interact with many students from all over the world. We also have students and post-docs from a variety of countries.

Please have a look on each team projects and activities and feel free to get in touch with us.